After Installing The Original PEST OFFENSE®

Follow These Pest Control Guidelines to Keep Your Home Pest Free
Now that you have installed The Original PEST OFFENSE® unit in your home, a non-pesticide pest control device, certain sanitation and prevention practices must be followed to ensure the success of the program. With any pest control program, you may see an occasional pest. No product, even a pesticide, is 100% effective on all pests. Your cooperation in following the suggested guidelines will help insure to keep pests away from your home.

Please read the following information that will help outline prevention practices, you can use to help keep your home pest free.

  • Take care not to leave doors and unscreened windows open. This will allow new pests to come in.
  • Do not leave human food or pet food supplies out for extended periods of time. This will only attract pests.
  • Make sure that garbage is removed regularly. Pests love a stagnant food source to breed in.
  • If you notice pests entering around or under doors, you may need a door sweep or additional sealing around your door.
  • Pests (mainly roaches) hide in boxes, paper bags and containers that you have stored before your move or in a storage facility. Please open the boxes outside, if possible, and bring the contents into your home. Also, many times the pests are brought into your home from paper bags and boxes.
  • Keep trash and debris away from your front door. Food dropped outside of your front door may contribute to an ant infestation.
  • A clean environment inside your home will help control pest infestation.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping your community and home pest free and reducing the use of pesticides inside your home.