“I bought one and stopped seeing droppings from mice within a few days. I have since purchased two more; one for my garage and one for the other end of the house. I love that I don’t have to worry about chemicals around my son or cleaning up any dead animals. I’ve told several of my friends and family about Pest Offense”

-Sarah Johnson

“Although we have a 1-story home, we decided to add two units, one at each end of the house. We plugged them in about 3 months ago. For about two weeks we saw more roach activity, but now we realize it was the roaches hiding in the walls … except leaving! Now it’s been months since we’ve noticed any roaches. Pest Offense is amazing!”

-Penny Taylor

“I bought one, and I’m glad we did. This device has proved a 100% effective so far. I’m still expecting to see a cricket making its way across the floor, but so for – not one! l am truly impressed and amazed, because I thought such a device must be some sort of a scam. If the situation changes I will update this post.”

-Martin Horsey

“I was quite skeptical when buying this, but I was desperate to get rid of the mice in my attic. I could hear them every day, but I have no easy access to set a trap in the attic. I plugged in the Pest Repeller and thought for sure that it would take weeks if it worked at all. TWO DAYS and they were GONE! I still have it plugged in!”

-Pauline Schaeffer